About us

Together we build a connected future

EIRA is a unified software platform that improves life & performance of assets. It enables team to take timely action and reduce TAT.

With the help of IoT, EIRA connects to multiple devices for real time monitoring. EIRA's AI & ML engine BIA, processes big data from plants. This helps EIRA take preventive action by identifying problems even before they occur. Team members are alerted over EIRA CONNECT mobile app, about problems in the form of work tickets.

Each ticket provides details of the problem and steps to be taken to resolve it. EIRA ensures every project & customer gets equal attention. EIRA CONNECT mobile app assists team members in providing uniform quality of services across the board.

Customers can store plant documents safe and secure on EIRA DOCS. Team working at site or in office can refer to them anytime. The data analytics & reporting module of EIRA helps plant owners get health info of plants in just 03 sec. Similarly, the asset managers can get detailed updates in just 03 clicks.

About Inspire Clean Energy

Experts in Quality Services & Products.

Started in 2015, ICE (Inspire Clean Energy) is a solar PV asset management company. Offering services to IPP’s, RESCO’s & OEM’s in the solar industry.By closely working with global companies and customers, ICE helps achieve business profits using SMART solutions. At ICE, SMART means use of digitally connected & data driven AI & ML technologies.

With head office in Mumbai, we have 20+ service hubs across India. ICE currently has a team of 250 people spread across the country. GRACC (Global RE Asset Control Centre) manages daily operations from its office in Chennai.

Chennai facility also houses our R&Di and software development teams.

ICE has earned reputation as an expert in:

• Asset Management (AM)
• Performance Management (PM)
• Operations & Maintenance (O&M)
• Plant checks


• Creators of de-facto standards for the industry
• Abide to global best practises & use of SoP's
• Uniform & Standard processes to ensure quality
• 05+ years of experience, 500+ projects
• Industries best talents
• Eira - Advanced AI & ML platform
• Xenectra - R&D team - spend exceeds $1.5Mn
• Reparar Works - Repairs, Revamps & Refurbishments
• Preferred partner to global players

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