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Monitor - Assign - Track - Report

With Industry 4.0 and the power of connected devices. EIRA, can screen data for specific patterns.
These patterns can be signs of future failure or generation loss.
Customers are already benefiting from In-built PdM (Predictive Maintenance) features.
Asset life 5% ⬆︎; Costs 17% ⬇︎.

BIA - AI & ML Engine

EIRA scans BIG DATA for any underlying patterns and trends. This helps alert customers in time and take quick actions.


VISUALS is designed to provide context to data from user point of view. EIRA provides role based relevant data to users.


EIRA helps field and office teams sync better. Tickets with SOP push, guides and ensures uniform quality of service.


GRACC, a team of experts who manage plants and field teams on day-to-day basis. They track, analyse & report each event or activity in detail.


Re-writing the rules of service industry. Using EIRA software platform, you can now engage skilled resources based on-demand. Save on fixed over-heads and manage all activities effectively.


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